We train exclusively at Sports House Training in Millsboro, DE! The facility has indoor/outside practice areas that allow us to practice year-round.


We will train hard during the off-season and test our skills either at Fruitland Baseball or Sports at the Beach.  Based on our team's ability, performance and fundraising, we can play in bigger tournaments.  

With the right talent base, we can achieve anything we want to accomplish.


Budget Based Tuition

You aren't paying us to play, you are paying to play. Once we get the team roster finalized, the coaching staff will present a budget to the parents for input. The budget is divided amongst all the players equally.  You can raise your portion of the budget through sponsorship, fundraisers, and various other ways. If you are good at soliciting sponsors and fundraising, you may not have to pay anything. If you don't want anything to do with fundraising, you can pay out of pocket.  

More Details - Coming Soon


College Camps

If your player is serious about playing baseball and wants to play college ball, this is the time for our players to start thinking about attending college camps. This is a great way to get your player in front of college coaches and get used to the competition that it takes to compete for a spot on a team. Based on our budget, we will schedule camps that we will attend. This will offset some of our playing time but is just as important. Playing baseball in tournaments is great but now is the time to start the process for the future. 

Links to Possible College Camps - Coming Soon


The proof is in the data. All players on the roster will bat once a month utilizing the Rapsodo hit tracking system. This will give everyone a baseline as to where they are with hitting. The goal is to have players be able to see their progress month to month. Additional time on the Rapsodo hit tracking system is available at the Sports House Training Center. 

Blast Motion Hit Tracking

Each player will be given a Blast Motion sensor to attach to their bat. Parents will be responsible for setting up an account for their player(s). Everyone's account will be linked to the coach's account. We want all of our players to swing their bats during and outside of practice. The goal is to hold players accountable with the right metrics to review to help your player improve.

We have a Blast Motion certified hitting coach on staff that will review the data and help formulate training drills for the players to do during and outside of practices. 


It is time for your player to start working out to get strong, faster, and more agile. Our practices will switch from baseball to Speed & Agility training throughout the winter.  Kids that are stronger, faster, and more agile make for some great baseball players. We will encourage the players and parents to continue working on everything we do during practice on their own.   



We can't be experts in everything baseball. However, we live in an area full of talented trainers that help take kids to the next level.  Based on our budget and the needs of our players, we will seek specialized training in areas that are yet to be determined.