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James Smith is the founder and head coach of the Delmarva Outlaws. The organization focuses on kids born on or after May 1, 2008, graduating in 2026 & 2027. 

Some of James's best childhood memories was playing baseball. At that time, travel ball was still in its infancy in our area. He did what every boy did during this time; he played little league until he couldn't and went on to play high school baseball for Sussex Central. After graduating in 2006, life events pulled him in other directions, which prevented him from pursuing his dream to further his baseball career.

Having a child of his own, he did what his parents did and got him involved with little league and eventually with a travel ball team. Sitting on the sidelines wasn't for James. After training his son for five years, James felt it was time to get more involved with youth and the community. In 2019, he decided to start his team and focus on developing them into great young men on and off the field. Being new to travel ball, he formed his 12U team under the Delaware Spartans banner, and the adventure started. Since then, James has grown his volunteer coaching staff with like-minded individuals and maintained a 2x a week practice and an eight local tournament schedule when possible. He is also an instructor with Sports House Training Center in his spare time, where he can share his passion for baseball with one-on-one instructional sessions. 

Looking to the future, he decided to start the Delmarva Outlaws to branch off in his pursuit to provide another affordable option to take players to the next level. His passion is to be part of his player's success today and in their future endeavors. James knows that there is more to baseball than the fundamentals, and he wants to work with the parents to hold players to a higher standard in youth recreational sports.

"I like working with players who maintain good grades in school, always present a good attitude, and take accountability for their actions. If you give me kids that work hard on and off the field, I can create you a competitive baseball team."

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